Animal Jokes For Kids

Very Funny Animal Jokes

Q: Why did cat go away to Minnesota?

A: To obtain a mini soda!


Q: Where do orcas hear song?

A: Orca-stras!


Q: Why did cow cross  road?

A: To find to the udder side.

Happy-Animals-01 fish


Q: What do you call a fish with no eye?

A: F-sh!


Q: What do you do if your lovely  dog chews  dictionary?

A: Get the words out of his mouth!


Q: What do you call a chilly dog sitting on bunny?

A: A Cold dog on a bun.


Q: Why do fish live in to the salt water?

A: For the reason that pepper makes them sneeze!

A happy sheep


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Animal Jokes For Kids

Q: Where do pests park their boats?

A: At hickory dickory dock.


Q: Where did  sheep go away on vacation?

A: The baaaahamas


Q: What do you call the light-fingered alligator?

A: A crookodile

Animal Jokes


Q: What goes tick-tock, bow-wow, tick-tock, bow-wow?

A: A timepiece dog.


Q: What do you call a cow so as to eats your grass?

A: A lawn moo-er.


Q: What do you call that girl with a frog on her head?

A: Lilly.


Q: How does a dog end a video?

A: He presses the paws key.

Animal Jokes

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 Animal Jokes Just For Kids Smile

Q: Why do cows go away to New York?

A: To see the moosicals!


Q: What do you identify lending money to a bison?

A: A buff-a-loan


Q: What is the snake’s preferred subject?

A: Hiss-story

Animal Jokes


Q: What is the black ,white and lovely red all over?

A: A sun burnt penguin!


Q: Why does a dog wave backwards and forwards its tail?
A: Because there’s no one else to move from side to side it for him.


Q: What is a cat’s preferred movie?

A: The noise of Mew-sic!


Q: How do you formulate a goldfish old?

A: Take absent the g!


Q: Why did the lamb cross the street?

A: To get to baaaaarber shop!

Animal Jokes

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