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Jokes In English

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English Jokes On Funny Waiter and Customer

Customer : To waiter , everyday you charged from me ,for a cup of tea. How wonderful for me if you do not charge money today . Waiter Said : Sir, everyday you drink tea with a filled cup. How wonderful for me if you drink today from an empty …

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Jokes in English On Funny Doctor

Patient to Doctor : Doctor are you sure that I am suffering with pneumonia ? Once a time doctor was treating a patient from pneumonia disease at that time patient died with typhus. Funny Doctor: Need not worry, it will not happen with you. If this time , I treat …

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Jokes In English For SMS On Santa

Santa bought a ticket for Rs50/- and won the lottery of 50 lacks . He went to the agent to claim on it. Santa Said: I want my Rs50 lacks . Lottery Agent Said : We can give you 5 lacks today and the pending amount will give you in …

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Funny Jokes in English On Banta Doctor And Pandit Ji

Banta doctor and Pundit loves with a  same girl. Pundit ji start their love story with the help of an Apple . He give a apple to girl everyday. Sardar Doctor : asked Pandit ji  WHY you do this  ?? Pundit Said: Sardar ji you know that a apple in …

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English Jokes on Laloo and Sardar Ji

Sardar Ji : laloo Sir I saw that your friend was kissing to your wife at your home . Laloo reached his home angrily. After half 2 hour , Laloo came to Sardar ji and slapped him and said you fool, he was not my friend .  

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Funny Definition Of MBA

One day a Beggar Found 100/- Rupees . He went to the five Star Hotel For lunch. After the lunch , Bill came Rs3000/- Beggar was unable to Pay the bill. Manager cry and handed him to Police! He Gave Rs50/ to Police-man and Free… It is Called Financial Management …

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English Jokes On Yoga Teacher And Women

Yoga teacher : ask to woman : Has yoga habit take any effect on your husband’s drinking ? Woman said : Yes,  Amazing Effect guru ji ! Now he drinks the full bottle with standing position upside , down over his head .  

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Funny English Short jokes

Two Americans were talking. One asked: What is the difference between communism & capitalism? Other one said :That is easy “In capitalism man exploits man! And In communism its the other way around!  

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English Jokes on Atal Bihari and Pervez Musharaf

Once a day  , for developing friendly relations between the 2 countries, Atal Behari Vajpayee &  Musharraf decide to visit each  country regularly. The 1st visit was by Atal Ji  to Pakistan. There Pervez Musharraf show him Pakistan’s modern tele-communication systems. It was very good that Atal Ji  made a …

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English Jokes on Santa Banta

Santa ji: I am sooooooo miser (kanjoos) because I went alone at my honeymoon and I saved half money. Banta ji: Thats nothing , I saved much money from you . I sent my wife at honeymoon with my friend.  

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Girls Jokes

Jokes For Girls

Once an airplane is about to crash, a women passenger jumps up wildly and announces, “If I’m going to die, I want to die touch like a woman.” She removes all her clothing and asks, “Is there somebody on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like …

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