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Jokes In English

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Funny Definition Of MBA

One day a Beggar Found 100/- Rupees . He went to the five Star Hotel For lunch. After the lunch , Bill came Rs3000/- Beggar was unable to Pay the bill. Manager cry and handed him to Police! He Gave Rs50/ to Police-man and Free… It is Called Financial Management …

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English Jokes On Yoga Teacher And Women

Yoga teacher : ask to woman : Has yoga habit take any effect on your husband’s drinking ? Woman said : Yes,  Amazing Effect guru ji ! Now he drinks the full bottle with standing position upside , down over his head .  

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Funny English Short jokes

Two Americans were talking. One asked: What is the difference between communism & capitalism? Other one said :That is easy “In capitalism man exploits man! And In communism its the other way around!  

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English Jokes on Atal Bihari and Pervez Musharaf

Once a day  , for developing friendly relations between the 2 countries, Atal Behari Vajpayee &  Musharraf decide to visit each  country regularly. The 1st visit was by Atal Ji  to Pakistan. There Pervez Musharraf show him Pakistan’s modern tele-communication systems. It was very good that Atal Ji  made a …

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English Jokes on Santa Banta

Santa ji: I am sooooooo miser (kanjoos) because I went alone at my honeymoon and I saved half money. Banta ji: Thats nothing , I saved much money from you . I sent my wife at honeymoon with my friend.  

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Girls Jokes

Jokes For Girls

Once an airplane is about to crash, a women passenger jumps up wildly and announces, “If I’m going to die, I want to die touch like a woman.” She removes all her clothing and asks, “Is there somebody on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like …

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Funny Santa Joke

funny santa joke

Santa: I love you! Girl: Phurrrr… Santa: I’ll even die for you. Girl: Phurrrr… Santa: I can’t live without you. Girl: Phurrrr… Santa: I even bought a diamond ring for you. Girl: Really? Santa: Phurrrrr…

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English Jokes

Santa was late home from work one night. Jeeto said to her mother-in-law – “I’m sure he’s having an affair”, Mother-in-law Said “Why do you every time think the worst?”. “Maybe he’s just been in an accident.”  

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Santa Banta Jokes

pathan joke in hindi

Santa and Banta pass away out to dine then ordered 2 drinks. They then took their sandwiches after their lunch boxes besides started to eat. Seeing this, the waiter told them, “Apologetic, but you can’t eat your personal sandwiches in here!” Santa Banta looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, …

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English Joke

In this morning, I don’t eat b,coz I think of you; In this afternoon, I don’t eat b.coz I think of you; In this evening, I don’t eat b.coz I think of you; At night, I can’t sleep b.coz I am hungry!

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Pappu Jokes

Maths Teach ask Pappu, “If both of your parentages were born in the year 1969, How old they say they are now?” Pappu: That depends. Teacher: Depends on what? Pappu: Whether you’re inquiring my father or my mother!

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