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Jokes on Santa Banta

Santa ji: I am sooooooo miser (kanjoos) because I went alone at my honeymoon and I saved half money.

Banta ji: Thats nothing , I saved much money from you . I sent my wife at honeymoon with my friend.

Santa Banta Funny Picture
IPL Cricket Jokes On Sourav Ganguly SMS In English

After poor performance in IPL,Ganguly wanted to go for dinner in Kolkata city,

but his fans were very angry, So he decided to wore salwar-kamiz,

He covered his face with burka and sat in a bus with a girl.

Girl ASK: you Dada ?

Sourav: How you know?

Girl: B.Coz I M Ajit Agarkar…

Jokes In English On Mouse And Elephant

Once a day, A mouse dance and enjoy in the Lion’s Wedding.

An Elephant looked him and got surprised to see him.

He asked: Hey Mouse Buddy , Why you dance & enjoy very much?

Mouse Smiles and said Mr Elephant ji : You don’t know this , but before my marriage , even I was a big lion.

Funny English Jokes on Laloo And His Son

One day Laloo’s Son plans for marry, He asked to Dad, how much money I need get married.

Funny Laloo Smiles: It can not be calculated, see my self , I am still paying till today for it.



Very Funny English Jokes On Laloo

One day Laloo ji  was writing a letter very slowly.

His wife came and said EH JI , Why you are writing soooo  slowly slowly?

Laloo Smiles : I am writing for a letter for my 4th number son (5 years old kid) Jhurlu, he can not read very fast .

Fatty Women Is Like A Investment Jokes In Hindi

A Businessman TOOK LOSS in shar market and tell to his Fatty wife:
You are my Only Single Investment in Life
thats automatically Doubled.

Friendship VS Mobile Sim

Friendship is like a sim of mobile,

which has no any activation fees,

free outgoing -Free Incoming with roaming plan,

Around the world and its validity is unlimited.

True Friend sms 2012

True friends-rare to find

True friends-every time very kind.

True friends-make us cheerful.

True friends-perfection in work.

True friends-right direction

True friends-shine like moon

True friends-greatest boon

Funny Definition Of MBA

One day a Beggar Found 100/- Rupees .

He went to the five Star Hotel For lunch.

After the lunch , Bill came Rs3000/-

Beggar was unable to Pay the bill.

Manager cry and handed him to Police!

He Gave Rs50/ to Police-man and Free…

It is Called Financial Management Without MBA…..

Funny English jokes on Little Master And Her Teacher

Little Johnny to Teacher : Mam ,will you give me punishment for something that I did not Do?

Teacher : No my dear.

Johnny : That’s Good teacher . Actually I did not do my homework !

English Jokes On Yoga Teacher And Women

Yoga teacher : ask to woman : Has yoga habit take any effect on your husband’s drinking ?

Woman said : Yes,  Amazing Effect guru ji ! Now he drinks the full bottle with standing position upside , down over his head .

English Jokes on Atal Bihari and Pervez Musharaf

Once a day  , for developing friendly relations between the 2 countries, Atal Behari Vajpayee &  Musharraf decide to visit each  country regularly.

The 1st visit was by Atal Ji  to Pakistan. There Pervez Musharraf show him Pakistan’s modern tele-communication systems. It was very good that Atal Ji  made a call to Devil in hell and talked to him for five minutes! After that the bill for this call came to just only Re.1.

When Atal Ji  came back , now he also wanted India’s tele-communication system to be  the best when Pervez musharraf visit India. All the suitable things were made .

Pervez mushrraf came to India , visited the telecommunication department and talk to Zia-lu-Haq in hell for 5 minutes. But now this time, the bill was Rs.500/-

Pervez askwith a sarcastic smile – Why this telephone call to hell very costly in India ?

One of the high level diplomat give a smile reply – Sir , from Pakistan to hell , it is just a local call ,But while from India , it is very long distance.


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