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Funny English Jokes

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Chintu : After seen Gajni Movie ,told his friend Mintu that Now I understand, there is no difference between me and Amir khan

Mintu : But how can you say that ?

Chintu : You Just see in this film Amir Khan Forget everything that he wrote in just 15 min and I also forget my notes in class after 15 min.


Two snakes were chatting on Facebook,

Snake1: fusss..

Snake2 Reply  :  fusss..

Snake1: fusss –fusss- fusss..

Snake two Reply : fussss fusssa fusss..

Snake1 Again : fussss fusssi fusss fusssso fusss fusssu fussss fusssy fusss

Snake2Reply : fussss fussso fusss fussssii fusss fusss fusssslu fusss fusssii

Snake1 : Vau Vau Bau

Snake two reply 2: You Dirty Mind , Now I know you made a Fake I.D

Funny English Jokes


Hilarious English Jokes

Teacher Student English Jokes

Teacher : Students Tell me first SUN Comes in universe Or Moon ?

Santa : Madam First Moon Comes In Universe.

Teacher : But How Can you say that?

Santa : Its Simple First HONEY (Moon) after that sun can come!!!!

English Jokes

Husband Wife English Jokes  

Preeto To Santa

Preeto : Santa Ji Look at yourself you become so fatty.

Santa : Preeto Ji Don’t mind but you also become too much fat

Preeto : Santa Ji I just becoming a Mom Now

Santa : I also Become a Father Now …

English Jokes

Once before starting the match Dhoni wants to drink Pepsi,

So he just said to Rohit Sharma for 1 Pepsi.

When Rohit Sharma Came with Pepsi,

He Given Pepsi To Sehvaag (सहवाग )instead of Dhoni

Now Tell why Rohit Did so?




Simple Yarr Because Sehvaag (सहवाग )Is the Opener.

Funny Students Picture

 English Jokes For Women

Preeto Special English Jokes :-

Once Santa’s Wife was looking soo hot and that day A mechanic comes her home for repair a television.

Emma Stone 2013

That Mechanic just sees Preeto (Santa’s Wife) and wish to God to love her.

When his work finished, Preeto said to Mechanic: I want to say something different from this job but first you promise me that you will not share this to anyone.

Mechanic suddenly say : Yes yes Madam Why Not …..

Preeto : I just want to say that my husband is very kind and a good man but he got some physical problem,

Now you are a man and I am a Women

Mechanic Suddenly reply : Yes,  yes Madam I understand : please carry-on

And When I saw you on the door from the beginning, I want to say ….

Mechanic : Yes, Yes madam speak it, I understand

Preeto : Can you please help me to pull this Elmira

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