Short SMS  Jokes On Facebook

Q: Why some people called Facebook like a Jail?

A: You have profile with picture, you sit whole day write on wall, and you got poked by guys,even you do not really know them!

Q: Facebook like a refrigerator, why?

socho…… socho……

A: Because after few minutes,you open it then close it to see what’s there any new things.

Q: Why are you creating Account of Facebook with the name of “Nobody”?

A: Because when someone post there something stupid stuff ,you could say “Nobody Likes to see this!

Q: When will it be called If MySpace, Facebook and Twitter marriage under one super social networking ?

A: They call it “My Twit Face”

Nirmal Baba ke Totke

Ladka :- Baba Ji mere FB account mai LIKES Or COMMENT Nhi Aatey,

Nirmal Baba :- Last Time FB Kab KHOLA Tha,

Ladka :- Baba 3 Din Phele khola tha,

Nirmal Baba :- Pure Din Main Kitni Baar FACEBOOK kholte ho,

Ladka :- 3-4 Baar

Nirmal Baba :- konsa Browser use krte Ho ?

Ladka :- Baba Opera

Nirmal Baba :- Bus Yahi Se Kripa Rukki hui hai , Jaao aur account ko mozilla Browser Say Kholo,
Sab thik ho Jayegaa..

Q: How my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend feel so angry?

A: So angary If Facebook banned their profile pic and sent them back to Myspace!

Q: What will happen If hackers shut off Twitter for one day?

A: Twitterers were relegating to communicate the old fashion way,through the Facebook!

Q: What did twitterer say before committing the suicide?

A: My FB can remarry!!!

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