Friendship SMS

Friendship SMS In English

If kisses Are water then I will give you whole the sea.

If hugs be leaves then I will give you a big tree.

If you love a earth then I will provide you a galaxy.

If friendship means life then I will give you mine.


Moon always whispered to me,

if your friend is not messaging you then why don’t you leave him .

I look at moon as well as said does your sky still leave u when u don’t shine.


This Friendship SMS posted by sanjeev for her Friend Nisha

God chosen up a flower moreover dipped it in DEW,

Affectionately touched it which twisted in to u,

In addition to he gifted to me as well as said,


Birth is the parent’s lovely gift;

Education is teacher’s lovely gift;

Job is company’s lovely gift;

Wife is life’s lovely gift;

However Friends just like you is God’s lovely gift!

Friendship sms


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 Emotional Friendship SMS

If you are my Chocolate then  you’re the sweetest;

If you are my TeddyJBear, you’re the mainly huggable;

If you my Star then you’re the Brightest;

But because you are my lovely ‘FRIEND’ so you’re all of the above!

lovely Friendship SMS Posted by Rajesh

Each nice friend is a glimpse of the god.

As he is one of His blessings as well as is a invaluable gift that can by no means be bought,

Sold or else forgotten – just be fond of you.

I value you, my beloved friend!


IN world 6 things are God’s gifts:

1. Fathers’ advice

2. Mothers’ love

3. Sisters’ fight

4. Brothers’ care

5. Beloveds’ love

6. As well as our friendship


I think in angels, the type that heaven sends;

I’m bounded by angels except I call them my friends.

Thanks for life form my angel!

Friendship sms

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Friendship SMS In Hindi

Kuch saalo Ke  baad najane kya time hoga,

Najane kaun sa dost kis jagha hoga,

Phir milna ho toh mil skege yaadon mein,

Jaise sukhe gulab aksar milte hai kitabon mei


Log Aksar yeh kehte hain.

Agar bhot achhe loggo ko yaad kiya jaye too

waqt aur raat dono achhe guzarta hai..


Maine aaj socha aap ko hi Meri yaad dila du jra…


Bhul ne wale aksar hume bhul jate hai,

Dil se unke aksar hum nikal jate hai,

Jabtak hum roz sms Na kare kisi ko,

Tabtak hum kha kisi kmine ko yaad aate hai..

Kyu sach hai na ?

Friendship sms


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