Funny Doctor Jokes

Doctor Jokes With Funny Patient

A man to the doctor:

Is there some medicine for extended life..?

Doctor: Just Get married..!!

Man: Will it help me ?

Doctor: No, except it will keep away from such thoughts!!


Doctors later than Operation plus Students later than Exam Both tell the similar Answer




We Tried Our Best But

Can’t speak something Right Now!


At the Indian railway station

An American doctor get heart attack

After understanding a book’s was named

How to be converted into a Doctor in 30 days?

In Just MRP Rs.20/-

Doctor Jokes

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Doctor Jokes With Funny Characters

After a check with,  doctor says:

I’ve got excellent news Misses Darwin

Lady: Just speak me Miss Darwin….

Doctor: Oh… in that case I have bad reports Miss Darwin.


Doctor: Do exercise every day for  the  good health.

Santa: Sir I play football, cricket, tennis every day.

Doctor: how time-consuming do you play?

Santa: awaiting d battery in my mobile phone goes down!!


Dr to Ash’s baby in the hospital

Dr.: who is your grandpa?

babe: Big B

Dr.: Who is your lovely Mom?

babe: Miss World

Dr.: who is your father?

babe: No idea sir ji.

Doctor Jokes


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Doctor Jokes With Patent

Pappu: Sister mujko 1 Bottle blood dedo pls

Nurse: ok par apna Blood Group bolo

Pappu: Koi bhi dedo

Nurse: Aise Kaise chalega!

Pappu: Girlfrnd ko love ka letter likhna hai


Doctor, Doctor

I can’t discontinue stealing stuff

get these pills for one week; if that doesn’t job I’ll have a blush TV!


Doctor, Doctor

I believe I’m a beautiful cat?

How time-consuming has this been going resting on?

Oh, since I was  kitten I supposition!


Doctor, Doctor

I’ve got sleeplessness

Just be seated on the border of the bed. You’ll quickly drop off!

Doctor Jokes With Patent


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