Husband Wife Jokes For Laugh

Husband Wife Jokes

Wife : What are you doing with our marriage certificate ?

Husband : Nothing Darling!

Wife : Then why are you looking our marriage certificate for last 2 hour ?

Husband : Darling I am Just Finding the expiry date of our certificate.


Wife: Why you always keep my picture in your wallet?

Husband: Because whenever I feel any problem, I just open my wallet and see your photo and the problem goes out.

Wife: Look that means I am a magic girl for you.

Husband: No my dear, whenever I saw your picture, I just think that not any problem in this world is bigger than this one (I all ready use too)

Funny Husband wife jokes


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Husband Wife Jokes With Silly Wife

Husband And Wife go to market, there bigger say his wife, Oh princess angel look at me I am blind so please give me Rs 5/- to eat something.

Husband : Darling just give him Rs 5/- , I know he is not telling a lie, he is really blind.

Wife: How can you say that?

Husband: Just listen he is calling you princess angel that’s proved that he is really blind.

Husband Wife Jokes

 Husband Wife Jokes With Doctor Dose

Wife : On phone calling her husband with very angry mood and ask where are you this time ?

Husband: Darling you remember that Diamond Jewelers shop, once at there you choose a ring but that time I did not have money to buy this?

Wife: Yes my love I remember that ring.

Husband : I am just crossing that shop and will reach in 10 minutes.

Husband was badly ill.

Doctor  to wife: Give him very healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Be pleasant with him  & in remains always in good mood,

And don’t discuss any problems with him,

No tv serial, don’t demand any new clothes specially gold jewels,
Do this for at least 1 year & you will see he will be fine .

In  the way coming at home..

Husband: what did the doctor say about me?

Wife:- .Darling there is No chance for you to live.

Husband Wife Jokes


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