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Husband Wife Jokes In English

Jokes Of Husband Wife In Court

Wife to Judge :Sir,  I want to divorce from this man!

Judge : But tell me the reason for divorce ?

Wife : My husband is not reliable, Just see my three kids not a single kid resemble like him.


Husband Wife Funny Idea :

Husband : At his last movement called his wife sofia !

Wife : Yes, My dear!!!

Husband : Promise me after my death, you will marry with John,

Wife : But Dear, he is your enemy!

Husband : I know, I suffer all my life so my wish is he must suffer now.


Husband Wife Jokes With Times Changed :

A 40 years man talking his friend,

1st year of my marriage :When  I came from my office my wife bring my slippers and my dog run around barking

After 10 years : Now when I come from office, my dog bring my slippers and my wife come around barking.

Husband Getting Trouble Because Of Wife :

A man asking a Husband, Why are you looking in tension ?Is there any thing wrong with you ?

Husband : I am going to be Papa next month!

Man : Oh that’s the great news ?

Husband : What Great about it , My wife does not know about that!!!!!!

husband love

Wife Asking From Husband :

What is my habit you most like in me?

The options are my Beauty Or my sense of humor

Husband : Darling I just like your joking habit as you say.

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