New digital condom, Named “Electric Eel” shocks you into the pleasure : Watch Video How Its Work :-

Scientists want to give you more pleasure. And they also want you to be safe.

So they have  developed a new type of condom. It is called,  “Electric Eel”.

Electronic Condom

But unlike , electrifying sea creature it is named after, this unique condom sends electronic impulses along the shaft to mimic pleasure sensations that are usually dulled by the traditional condoms.

Two researchers by Georgia Tech and Fraz Peer ,Andrew Quitmeyer, created the prototype of  open source, the best digital condom that’s wired with the electrodes along the side of  sleeve and hooked to microcontroller for the power. 

And they tested this on themselves as well as some other person. According to them, resulting sensation was “pleasurable, comforting plus exciting”.

The 2 researchers have created 2 versions of the Electric Eel – one that is  rolled out existing condom rigged with the electrodes and the other one is a conductive sock.

For More Detail Watch This Video

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