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Romantic Emotional SMS For Friendship

Emotional SMS For Love Ones

Forever try to spend little seconds for your relationship Even if you are eventful

Because, single day you can get free time other than not your relation back, thus always be in touch


Usually we believe our memory is so weak

But when we  wish for forget someone we loved a lot


Nice line:

“If somebody is possessive on you!

It’s not their mistake..

It’s  you, who made them to luv you so much…”


My eye detected

My heart beat reacted

Thousand were rejected &

Just you were selected.

For the reason that I needed a monkey for an poster.


In no way pray for an easier living,

Pray to be  stronger being.

By no means pray for tasks equivalent to

Your power other than for power equal to

Conquer your everyday jobs!

Emotional SMS

Share These Heart Touching Emotional SMS With Your Lovely Friends And See The Magic.


Emotional SMS With 140 Character

Lips do not link when we speak LOVE..

That is the  “Sign of distance”

But lips link together when we speak FRIENDSHIP..

That is the of “Sign togetherness”


My educator taught me that …

1 Hour is equal to 60 min and

1min is equal  60 sec but

She not at all told me that,

1 sec without ‘YOU’ is

Equivalent to the 100 years.

Emotional SMS


Love Is The Magic Gift Of God Just Share These Emotional SMS By Just Like This Post

Emotional SMS With Heart Touching Feelings

Loving is not how u not remember but how u pardon,

Not how u pay attention but how u understand,

Not what u sees but how u feels

&  not how u to let go but how u can hold on.


Darling ur soo pretty that I wonder,

Why you exist in this cruel planet,

Coz your visible, expressible in the both,

Small scale plus large scale.

I love U soo much.


When I first see you I was fearful to talk to you,

When I first talked you I was fearful to like you,

When I first liked you I was fearful to love with you,

Now that I love you I’m fearful for lose you.

When I first talked to you I was fearful to like you a lot ,

When I first liked you I was fearful to love you a lot ,

Now that I love you I’m fearful to lose you.

Emotional SMS


Feel Free To Send These Emotional SMS To Your Love Ones And Be Happy Always

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