When u require sum1 desperately,

no 1 has minute to spend with u!

But when u want 2 be alone,

ppl hav a life 2 spend wid u!

Sad SMS In English

Broken is the star to-night

as tears roll on 2 my cheeks

they said in my ears

let us get ur pain absent

broken is  tiny heart tonight

Sad SMS In English

Every drop of the Tear is expensive

ten everything in World..


No One know its worth until

they have it in their personal eyes

4 Someone.

sad sms in love

Few people hurt by language & some by act

But the main hurt I consider is

that somebody ignoring u when u

Value them bigger than everything else!

sad sms when some one ignoring you

” Fish whispered to water – u can’t notice my tears ,b’coz i m in u.

Water reply – but i sense ur tears b’coz u are in me.”…

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