Students Jokes

Students Jokes In English

A student didn’t  understand with what to do

so he grab a coin flip it in to the air

and said if Head comes I watch movie, If Tail I go to sleep

and if it stands on  edge I’ll study!

Students Jokes


Year 1996 : Answer all the following questions.

Year 2001 : Answer any 6 question.

Year 2006 : Select only correct answer (A, B or C).

Year 2011 : Write only  a or b.

Year 2017 : satisfy only read the questions.

Year 2021 : Thanks so much for Coming !!!

Very Funny Students Jokes

If you can’t convince them

Then just try to confuse them!

A good method to answer

Unknown questions in the  Exam

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 Students Jokes 2013

A student ask to teacher (while collect homework’s):

Student: is teacher earn money?

Teacher: Yes my dear, of course!

Student: geeez! We do  hard work only then the teacher get  money …

Funny Kids Students Jokes

A mother notice her small daughter praying. “Please my dear God,” the little girl set aside saying. “Bless my father plus my mother as well as make Melaka the Capital of Delhi.”

Why  you did such a extraordinary request?” mother ask.

“Because that is what I wrote in my Geography Exam in today morning!”

funny little girl jokes

The first  Session, first  lesson. Teacher:

– Please be seated quietly, if you want to ask some-thing – Just  raise your hand.

John  right away raises his hand.

– You want to inquire something?

– No. presently checking how the scheme works.

little kids jokes

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 Funny Students Jokes

Music teacher tells John :

– I caution you, if you will not act, as suitable; I inform your parents that you have a capacity for music.


Little Johny proceeds since school and says:

Mam, in my school we write dirty bad language so often!

Mother – But I expect you are not writing them,

No, I am  Just dictate them!

students kids jokes

During a lesson little John  yawns very wide.

Teacher try to create a joke:

Johnny, doesn’t ingest me.

He reply:

Don’t be anxious, teacher, I don’t eat pork.

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 Teacher And Students Jokes

Teacher asks to students:

Who thinks he is dull, please stand- up.

After a min  John  stands up as well as the teacher asks:

John why you stand up?

Well you be familiar with, teacher, for me become deeply embarrassed, when you’re standing itself alone…

student Jokes

Teacher: If  lion is chase you, what would you do?

Student: I’d climb the tree.

Teacher: if  lion climbs the tree?

Student: I will jump into lake and go swimming.

Teacher: if  lion also jumps in to the water moreover swims after you?

Student:  Just tell me Teacher, are you on my side or the lion’s?

Students Jokes

Teacher: if you had only one dollar also asked your father for 1 more dollar, how greatly would you have in sum?

Student: Only One dollar.

Teacher: You don’t know maths.

Student: No teacher  actually You don’t know my father!


John, why are still late again?

John:  But you always said that it’s never too late to learn..


Have you hear that teachers went on the hunger strike.

Plus what are they request for?

For food.


Student tells to doctor:

Doctor, please help me , I got foodpoisoning!

How did you eat or drink?

I drank vodka at first, then beer, some wine, then I got FOOD poisoning from Biscuit…


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