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Beyonce Posted a Photograph of Herself Sipping with a Glass of Red Wine

Beyonce july 2013

Beyonce was kind of pregnant, then really expectant , then not pregnant at all. If you required visual proof that she really doesn’t have bun in the oven, well, here it is. Beyoncé appeared to be taking a lighthearted jab at all the report mill flame throwers through posting this rather adorable pic to her …

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Tom Cruise Opens Up Nearly Suri

Tom Cruse With His Kids

Tom Cruise Speaks He’s Not Compelling Suri To Get Into Acting Tom Cruise has been single of the main movie stars in the world for nearly three decades, and nevertheless the 50-year-old performer has found mega-success, he’s not worried with his children next in his footsteps. E! News wedged up …

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Bollywood Actresses Hot Saree Look

amisha hot saree

See The 3 Most Hot Posses In Parties PHOTOS जब साड़ी में भी ऐसे Fashion ब्लंडर कर बैठीं ये Actress Indian Television  आउटफिट साड़ी, अब Bollywood  इंडस्ट्री में एक style  स्टेटमेंट बन गया है। अवॉर्ड फंग्शन में ज्यादातर celebrities  इन दिनों साड़ी में ही नजर आती हैं। हालांकि, बी-टाउन की …

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Salman Khan Get Engaged

Salman Khan Engagement

सलमान ने Katrina  को दिया जोर का झटका, कर ली Bipasha Basu से सगाई! Bollywood  के जिस एक्टर की  shaadi  का सबको बेसब्री से इंतजार tha  उसकी घड़ी आ गई है।जी हां, Ji haan  आपके सबसे फेवरेट एक्टर Salman Khan  की बात कर रहे हैं। अगर आप सोच रहे हैं कि …

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अश्‍लील MMS leak होने पर ‘जस्‍सी’ (Mona Singh) ने किया Case

mona singh mms

मशहूर TV Actress मोना सिंह की तरह दिखने वाली women का अश्‍लील MMS  चर्चा का विषय बना हुआ है। 23 SEC  का यह VIDEO CLIP  किसी  SMARTPHONE  से फिल्‍माया गया लगता है। इस CLIP में दिखने वाली महिला बिना CLOTHS  पहने हुए हैं। इस MMS से TV  इंडस्‍ट्री सकते में …

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Original Look At ‘Catching Fire’ With Official Video Trailer 2013

hunger games 2013 catching fire

Catching Fire : Effie ornament Capitol representation Debuts Today is things to be obtain keyed up concerning: Lionsgate has unveiled a fresh look at “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” by means of its photograph series “Capitol Portraits.” Primary up to get portrait action: Effie Trinket. First Look At Catching Fire …

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Intelligence Fart

Oscars 2013 Jennifer Lawrence Fell From The Stairs

Jennifer Lawrence For Forgetting To Express Thanks Forgot To Say Thank To Director David O. Russell And Harvey Weinstein In The Oscar Speech: Jennifer Lawrence 2013 No single will slip-up Jennifer Lawrence for forgetting to express thanks a couple of populace when she conventional her Academy Award intended for Best Actress happening …

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Australian Singer Signed Jay-Z’s Brand name Kylie Minogue And Roc Nation

Kylie Minogue

Signed Kylie Minogue To label The newest performer to join the ranks of the Jay-Z, , J. Cole, Willow Smith and Rita Ora, is none further than Kylie Minogue. Roc Nation announce at Wednesday so as to it has signed Kylie Minogue to label. Kylie Minogue Has Released Eleven Studio …

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Emma Stone In To The Bed By Ben Affleck Along With Bradley Cooper

Emma Stone 2013

Emma Stone 2013 Crawled Into Bed By Most Talented Way Movie buffs all over the place, celebrate: Vanity Fair’s new Hollywood subject brings jointly 2013’s main stars in glorious plus unexpected behavior. The beautiful Emma Stone 2013 crawled into bed by means of two of Tinseltown’s hunkiest (plus most talented) …

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