Teacher Student Jokes In Different Locations

Teacher Student Jokes


Teacher : Who was born in year 1869 ?

Student : Gandhi Ji Born

Teacher : And What happened at 1879 ?

Student : Gandhi Ji was ten years old.

Teacher Stdent jokes

Pappu di ho gai master ji naal ladai… Master ne kiti pappu di khub pitai…

Pappu da garam ho gea khoon.

Sidha geya kabristan te master da photo taang ke likh dita.



Teacher Student Jokes In Very Funny Way

Teacher : What is your father age ?

Student : We both are in same age.

Teacher : Are you kidding, How it is possible ?

Student : My father became papa only after my birth.


Teacher: Change this sentence in to future tense “I kill a person”

Students: Now “You Have to go in to the jail”

Teacher Student jokes

Teacher : giving congrats to Raju for his new house and ask about the views for his new house

Raju : Teacher I feel great now I have my new own room and my sister also have her own new house but only my poor mother still have to sllep with my father.

Student Teacher Jokes With Naughty Students

Teacher: As I already told you the water formula now john you tell me?

Student : HIJKLMNO

Teacher: What is this ?

 Student: Teacher yesterday you told us H to O(H2O)

Teacher Student Jokes

Teacher : Students, Tell me what will you call a person who you don’t wish to listen but you can’t ignore him ?

Naughty Student: A Teacher

Teacher : Tell me John, Do you ever pray befor eat the food ?

John : No sir, because my mother is already a good cook.

Student teacher jokes

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