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Tom Cruise Opens Up Nearly Suri

Tom Cruise Speaks He’s Not Compelling Suri To Get Into Acting

Tom Cruise has been single of the main movie stars in the world for nearly three decades, and nevertheless the 50-year-old performer has found mega-success, he’s not worried with his children next in his footsteps.

Tom cruse 2013

E! News wedged up with Cruise at the opening of his new film “Oblivion” in Hollywood on the Wednesday nightly, and asked actor if he’d let his youngest daughter of  Suri, 6, get into acting one  day.

“All my children [can],” he expressed the website, mentioning to the children he adopted with then wife Nicole Kidman – Connor 18, and Isabella 20. “What I do is stab to find out what they’re absorbed in and sustenance them in that. There’s no burden. I’m lucky. I love what I do. I reflect with them, it’s just find out what you poverty to do and support it.”

Tom Cruse 2013

Although Cruise didn’t say if Suri has ever spoken an interest in drama, Connor has already tried his hand at acting, seeming in the 2008 movie “Seven Pounds,” featuring his father’s good friend Will Smith, then in the 2012 re-creation of “Red Dawn.”

As for Suri, though both her parentages are actors, we see her title into the world of fashion, as she’s been wearing heels meanwhile the age of 3, then mom Katie Holmes says she’s “got a great eye.”

Tom Cruse With His Kids

“She’ll actually tell me [what she thinks]. Like nowadays I’m wearing brown suede pants, then she said, ‘I don’t similar your pants.’ But then she’ll say, ‘You’ve became to wear these shoes.’ Or, ‘That’s consequently pretty, Mom. Wear that.’ She’s became a great eye,” Holmes told Elle magazine in June 2011.

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